3D Printing – Oh, THERE’S the rub! – 3d Printed Miniature Review

Ok, honesty time. This all came about from when Lord Kroak was released a number of months ago and the aesthetic that went with him. Different from the predecessor in some design elements, Kroak’s palanquin brought along….well… Stargate elements with rotating bits that clearly looked like a Gate complete with key locks and glyphs and all. Even his totemic ‘standard’ actually looks a bit more like a DHD with the little ring probably indicating which glyphs had been locked in…

Lord Kroak | Games Workshop Webstore
That smile. It all started with that damn smile!

This of course led to me…looking for ways to match my Seraphon’s aesthetics and replace some of the…uglier models in the range. As a result I ended up sourcing old metal 6th edition Fantasy era Temple Guard… and then came to looking at Kroxigor.

Now, Kroxigor in Age of Sigmar have a bit of a rough deal. If anything, Kroxigor in general have a rough deal. They were wonderful models all the way back in 5th edition Fantasy…nice, chonky big boys who towered over their counterparts and their faces had that nice boxy reptillian aesthetic. All good, right?

CoolMiniOrNot - Kroxigor by Fuseboy
Photo from COMN – Kroxigor by Fuseboy. See that lovely boxy head? That beefy big boy?

Unfortunately no. 6th edition Lizardmen came about and decided EVERYONE needed a redesign to a new (still existing today so 18+ years later) aesthetic. Saurus became more gator like, skinks beefed up, the scaly hides were crunched together to look more like natural armour and… Kroxigor got one of the worst downgrades I have ever seen in my life. Whoever resigned them made them lanky, skinny and dare I say gave them…well….terrible overbite. Not the predatory almost crocodilian overbite the 5th ed Kroxigor had… but something far worse.

Image 01 - Warhammer seraphon aos lizard lizards kroxigor v5 sigmar 9th age t9a kow
Terrible poses, lanky, goofy overbites… and a rules downgrade too!

They….were not good. They were abominations. They were tiny. And hopefully the next edition would fix their design, right? Right? Nope. Though the 7th edition Kroxigor got the scale right and even fixed the weapons a bit… the heads were still off. Small, not exactly reptillian, looking more like an awkward terrapin than a crocodilian or even a base lizard….

Which is baffling when you consider that is the design that persists to this day, DESPITE Total War: Warhammer coming out for PC and giving them a much more gator-like look and heavier build. Why are we stuck with box turtles?

Kroxigor | Games Workshop Webstore
I don’t like Turtles.

Well, thankfully there’s 3rd party alternatives. Over the year a number of alternate sculpts have come available and with the rise of 3D printing, they’ve come there. Some take the basic original design and update that, others lean toward the Total War design….and some create hybrids.

A while back I came across the Clay Beast Creations Sun Bruisers and absentmindedly put them on the back of my mind in the ‘One Day’ pile. Their Starscale range has a very nice ‘Stargate’ design that would look wonderful with Kroak, just everything I found…well, it was almost cheaper to buy the Box Turtles from GW direct.

Sun Bruiser Full Squad image

Until a few months back when I stumbled across what had to be absolute madness on Ebay – a seller with the FULL set of six for… £25 posted? What?

And thus begins the lessen of how 3D Prints can be good, bad and in between. I will not name the seller as he has stopped selling CBC’s range and because I don’t want him getting hate. He has already worked to resolve the issues I had and in the future I may get something else from him….funds permitting of course.

You see, six for £25 is astoundingly good value when RRP on the ‘box turtles’ from GW is £32+ for three. They were quickly done, posted out…and on receipt, well, I can’t say it was a positive.

First, I had to do a lot of repairs. Packaging was sub-par, resin was brittle as as a result I was attaching and reattaching hafts and blades on every single one. Furthermore, the detail seemed…smudged on some, moreso on others. It was there but softened, quite a bit. To top it off, the resin itself seemed brittle and awkwardly uncomfortable to touch. Rougher than it should be, cleaning was not as simple as should have been.

All in all… though I already accept that 3D prints aren’t going to be perfect, this was a bit disappointing. When the miniatures themselves don’t feel right in texture and all, well… it’s hard to describe.

Thankfully I could repair and clean up and the seller did compensate. So funds permitting, I do plan on getting something else in the future – possibly terrain based as terrain seems the safest spot for 3D prints. Any roughness isn’t really that much an issue for its purpose. People don’t pick up and admire bits of terrain off a table generally….

OVerall score for this experience – 5/10 – he resolved the issue, I could clean and repair but it was very much a warning that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Until next time,

The Sasquatch.

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